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Fun for all ages

Magic is something that all ages should experience.  The joy and wonderment it creates will help create memories that will last a lifetime.

My children and family shows include all kinds of miracles that will happen right in front of you.    These shows are interactive and will have you participating either from the audience or up on stage with me as fantastical things happen in the blink of an eye.



You help create the magic

Part of the fun of magic is seeing the joy and amazement on the faces of those who join me up on stage.  I never pressure or make fun of any of my assistants, instead they are the star of the show.



For Your Enjoyment

Fun is guaranteed at every family magic show I do.  Together we will all experience moments of joy and plenty of laughter and smiles.  Because if you can't  have fun at a magic show what is the point?  The only problem is  your belly may start hurting from all the laughing you'll be doing!



An Experience You Won’t Forget

There is something special about magic, it is when the lines between what is real and what is imaginary blur and wonderous things are possible.  It may be a bright colored silk appearing out of nowhere, or a needle going through a solid mirror.  No matter what it is, magic provides us all with a chance to either hold on or reclaim some of that childhood innocence when anything was possible.  So sit back and enjoy your journey with me into a wonderland of possibilities.

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