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My story starts way back in the early 1980's when as a young man of 13, I discovered magic for the first time and was immediately mesmerized with watching Doug Hennings and David Copperfield on TV.   I started reading every magic book I could find and practicing for hours in front of the bathroom mirror.

Over the years I have performed at birthday parties, schools, churches, conventions, on a train, in a boat, and up in the sky.  I've found that there is magic everywhere no matter where you are.

I enjoy performing for all ages and structure my shows to provide maximum entertainment and enjoyment for all.   I promote positivity and will never make fun or downgrade a spectator for the amusement of others.  Magic is meant to be enjoyed.

I invite you into my world to experience the wonders, magic, and mysteries that surround us.  If you are looking to entertain for a small intimate gathering or a larger function consider enjoying the Magic of John Gilmore.

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